Offset & Digital Printing

Businesses, public sector organizations and Non-profits express their brands and distribute their messages through a myriad of media today—including the tactile, vibrantly designed and eminently accessible and impactful medium of print. Print technology has moved beyond paper, beyond static information and beyond the high-volume applications of yesterday. With the noise of digital messaging all around us, the printed piece has renewed influence and impact.

Offset printing technology, using printing plates, has a long history and has been employed in the printing of mass-distribution products such as newspapers and magazines for centuries. But it has come a long way since the Gutenberg press of 1439! With modern design software and inks in every imaginable colour, offset printing is still the most cost-efficient means of reproducing content and images in large quantities, with unmatched quality.

Digital printing technology, using the four toner colours of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), is the printing method of choice for any piece under a certain quantity threshold, or that incorporates variable content, such as personalized mail-pieces, or a piece you need produced quickly. Since its emergence only a few decades ago this technology has also undergone refinement and optimization, now producing printed pieces that can match offset printing in quality and vibrancy.

We understand the importance of approaching your print project with one key questions: what’s your priority? Quantity, colour, variability, paper type, finishing effect, cost-efficiency, shelf-life, visual impact, cycle-time—the list is long and unique to your project. That’s where we come in, as architects, to help you develop a piece that ticks all the boxes in the optimal combination of specifications.