Direct Mail

Trico is a Mail Service Provider. We don’t just print your mail-piece and drop it in the mail, we make it our responsibility and perogative to know all the regulations and options, so you don’t have to. You tell us what you want to accomplish with your mail-piece and we’ll help you understand the merits and applications of each mail vehicle offered: Personalized Mail™, Neighbourhood Mail™, Publications Mail™, Postal Code Targeting™ and Lettermail™. As a registered SmartMail™ Marketing Partner with Canada Post, we are able to represent our customers to Canada Post and provide access, guidance and recommendations on the different products and promotions they have to offer. You don’t need to have a mail specialist on your staff!

Trico has coordinated and planned hundreds of mail projects consisting of multiple components with both static and variable elements. The initial analysis of a direct mail project involves the consideration of what elements are best printed via the offset print workflow and which via the digital print workflow. The criteria of these considerations are defined by the customer and include design priorities, economy, efficiency, quality (i.e. standard stock versus premium stock) and available cycle time. We bring to this analysis an expert knowledge of print technology as well as mailing regulations and can often provide suggestions to maximise message impact and postage dollars. This analysis results in a production plan that accommodates the requirements of personalization variables, versioning variables, segmentation variables and finally panel variables that define physical differences between mail-piece groups.

Trico has extensive experience in creating direct mail pieces of every variety. These include Publications of all sorts, mass-distribution advertising pieces and donor appeals for non-profit organizations, no name just a few. Some mail-pieces are designed for print-economy and some for maximum impact—they range from the simplest letter in an envelope to die-cut, pop-up appeals to impact and novelty. In all cases the project must be analysed for print feasibility and personalization feasibility. The typical donor appeal mail-piece includes several personalized components and potentially a personalised envelope. Often these components are versioned as well as personalized, and understanding the relationships between variables, versions and physical differences is key to understanding how to plan a mail project from inception to delivery. The planning and coordinating of this type of mailing is our specialty.

Our Approach to Direct Mail

Direct Mail can be a complex endeavour. From postal regulations, to industry trends, to print and personalization scenarios—there are a lot of moving parts to consider and optimize. Your Direct Mail Team at Trico is committed to staying abreast of all moving parts and ensuring your direct mail campaign will be optimized for your priorities—data integrity, cycle time, variability, presentation and economy.

Data Services

We do more than the standard processing at Trico; we look at the data and involve you closely in discussions on how to handle questionable addresses, duplicates, versioning and personalization. If you’re gathering your mailing data from various sources, these questions can be critical to the ultimate presentation of your mail piece to your current and prospective customers.

Member of the National Association of Major Mail Users

Trico is a member of the National Association of Major Mail Users, a watch-dog group of mail-industry professionals that aims to hold Canada Post accountable and ensure that changes in mail regulations are vetted with stakeholders before being enacted. Through NAMMU we stay abreast of current and future changes to mail regulations and consults with industry peers on trends and challenges in the commercial mail arena.

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